Infrared Thermography Training and Certification

The Infrared Training Institute is dedicated to delivering superior hands on infrared thermography training at our infrared training center located in Beaumont, TX.

Our director, Gary Strahan, is a professional infrared thermographer and instructor with over 30 years experience in the field. Gary Strahan’s years of experience in all applications of Infrared Thermography, ensures that your infrared thermography training cannot be surpassed. No matter what your infrared application; from training to program implementation, we have the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to fully support you in all your thermography needs.

We offer infrared certification courses in a wide variety of locations, as well as on-site courses, focusing on your specific application, camera and infrared program needs. If you have 4 or more trainees, consider on-site training; training done at your location costs less and is more convenient (see below).

2018 Training Schedule

Level 1 Thermography
Feb 19 – 22
April 23 – 26
May —- no class
June 25 – 28
July 23 – 26
Aug —- no class
Sept 24 – 27
Oct 15 – 18
Dec 3 – 6

Level 2 Thermography
Nov 5 – 8


Benefits of Infrared On-Site Thermography Training

  • No travel expenses or overtime costs.
  • All thermography training is focused towards your specific infrared applications or fields.
  • Students are trained on their own infrared camera(s).
  • Hands on infrared camera training (i.e. field trips) is tailored to examine the equipment they will be inspecting.
  • Learn reporting procedures that fit your companies specific thermography requirements.
  • Your company’s needs are the focus of the entire training course.
  • Infrared Program evaluation and recommendations.
  • Certification in accordance with ASNT for those who meet written requirements.

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Infrared Course Certification

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Infrared Thermography Certification can be attained through the Infrared Training Institute by students who complete the written requirements for each level. Each course follows the ASNT recommended course curriculum. We conduct our training in accordance with ASNT-TC1A, CP-189 and ISO 9712.

We limit class size to ensure that all students receive the necessary personal attention required to make their training experience a complete success. Each student learns to operate their infrared camera efficiently, making use of all of the infrared camera features and functions available for their specific application.

Courses contain hands on classroom learning to ensure that each student can proficiently perform the infrared thermography tasks required once they return to their place of employment.
Each student receives free telephone, email, and fax support from their instructor years after they have attended a thermography course.

Register Online or Download (PDF) a registration form.

We have trained thermographers from many fortune 500 companies and specialize in the needs of industrial companies. If you are looking for infrared training, now is the time to join us for a thorough, hands-on, course that provides a clear understanding of infrared physics and applications. We cover a wide range of inspection applications including electrical, mechanical, petrochemical, building envelopes, etc. Our goal is to ensure students are comfortable their camera functions and help students understand the inspection process and assist in developing a quality infrared program.

Infrared Training Institute offers the following services:

  • Infrared Thermography Certification Training Courses
  • Infrared In house / On-site Training
  • Camera Operator Training
  • Infrared Application Courses
  • Specialized Infrared Seminars
  • Infrared Program Setup and Evaluation
  • Research Projects
  • Infrared Camera Training
  • Infrared Training Center

We provide hands on infrared camera training with each students particular infrared camera.
Our Infrared thermography training center is located in Beaumont, Texas.
Infrared Thermography is also known as IR (infrared), FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared), Thermal Imaging, and infrared thermal imaging.

diagram of electromagnetic spectrum


“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend to you the people and products of Infrared Camera Inc. I attended a one week seminar conducted by the professionals there. I was impressed from the beginning by their product knowledge and willingness to work with us each on a group and individual basis while conducting the class.”

Kathleen Gaylor
Appraisal Services of Central Alabama LLC

“Can’t thank you again about having me come to your class, I LEARNED so much and really want to work with you for future endeavors with my company.”

Keith E. Cottrill
Innovative Ventures

The class was very practical, informative, and hands-on. This was the best use of my education dollars that I have ever spent. Thank-you.

Jim Long
Watson Clinic

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