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Airborne Ultrasonic

Curriculum of Airborne Ultrasonic Level 1 Course

This comprehensive course covers the use of ICI Ultrasonic Imaging Systems, UE Systems various Ultra-probe models, and SDT handheld systems with headsets.

Level I course conducted onsite with tests and live instruction from ITI Level III Instructor, Gary Strahan, in accordance with ASNT-TC1A.

Day 1
  • Introduction to Ultrasound
  • Sound Theory and Equipment Online Courses
  • Humans – How we hear and the anatomy of the human ear
  • Animals – What is ultrasonic leak detection and how do animals hear
  • Live videos – Ultrasonics in predictive maintenance applications

Lunch Break

  • Hands-on with systems
  • Leak Live Instruction
  • Ultrasonics’ physics
  • Locating and Documenting Leaks
Day 2
  • Air and Gas Leaks
  • Videos Scanning and Recording Electrical Gear (How to use the systems)
  • Use of contact probes
  • Fixed mounted systems and online systems.
  • Ultrasound Valves, Mechanical, Bearings
  • Lubrication and use of Contact Probe
  • Ultrasound Steam Systems and Steam Traps
  • Software and Reporting

Airborne Ultrasonics Level I Examination

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