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Thermography Information

Infrared Transparent Material

The following is an inventory of the usual applicable objects for lenses and windows and their properties related to infrared transparency. Read more

Emmissivity of Various Materials

A comprehensive list that displays the emmissivity of various materials and at what temperature that amount of emmissivity occurs. Read more


Black Body Type and Emissivity

Learn how to accurately determine the emmissivity of any black body so as to find the true temperature of a thermographer’s subject. Read more


Infrared Light

What exactly is infrared light, how do we see it, and what does it show us? Read more

Stefan Bolzmann’s Equation

Black Body Radiation

The mathematical equations to measure the amount of radiation that a black body emits, including Planck’s Law, Stefan-Bolzmann’s Equation, and Wein’s Displacement Law. Read more


Measuring Field of View

The correct way to measure the field of view from detector to subject when the focus is met without external lens. Read more


Practical Measurement

The practical measurement techniques for correcting emissivity in order to obtain the true temperature of a subject when conducting an infrared inspection. Read more


Compensating for Wind

A table that displays the correction factor to compensate for various wind speeds when taking infrared images. Read more



The explanation of thermodynamics, how it applies to infrared measurements, as well as examples and calculations that relate with the heat capacity of a gas. Read more

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