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Energy Expert Investigates Increased Electrical Bills

missing insulation in a living room can cause increased energy bills

Recently in Nashville, Tennessee, several residents noticed that their energy bills had doubled and even tripled over the last year. “‘We opened (the bills) and thought maybe it was a misprint,’ said resident Mike Underhill.” A local channel 4 news station decided to investigate and with the help of an energy expert and an infrared camera, were able to locate the problems.

A licensed energy expert ran a series of diagnostic tests on the home in search of problems. “As it turns out, Underhill’s home had quite a few of air leaks. Though parts of his house were closed off, the equipment used in the test demonstrated how his heat was still leaking out. With an infrared camera, it allows someone to see which parts of this house need more insulation.”

A rather quick inspection with an infrared thermal imaging camera can quickly identify problem areas, missing insulation, air leakage, and more. A quick look at our photo gallery shows how clear some of the problems are with infrared thermography.

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