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Best Time in History for Infrared Thermography


by Gary Strahan | Owner, Infrared Cameras Inc. There has been no better time in history to start an infrared thermography program than now. Low cost high quality systems are available from numerous manufacturers. Hand held imaging radiometers such as these are replacing commonly used point radiometers by plant personnel. New infrared view ports are …

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Tax Incentives

From : The US Department of Energy Web Site “Some states have created tax incentives to encourage the development of markets for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy Tax incentive programs to encourage renewable energy are designed to facilitate the purchase, installation, or manufacture of renewable energy systems, equipment, and facilities. …

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Using Thermal Imaging Technology to Find and Fix Common Roof Problems


by Mike D. Wittman Thermal imaging cameras, also known as infrared cameras, are well known for their applications in medical care, firefighting, and astronomy. However, these thermal imaging devices can also be used with great success by commercial roofing inspectors to identify leaks, defects, moisture, and mold. A trained thermographer will be able to interpret …

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To See the Invisible


by Greg ODell How do you see what can’t be seen? To answer that question, we need to answer a few other questions first. How do we see? How can you detect light that is invisible to the eye? How does this help us to “see” when there is no “light”? What other information can …

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Basics of Infrared Technology

IR Spectrum

Infrared thermography is one of the fastest growing forms of non-destructive testing in the world today. The ways in which we can use this technology are only limited by our imagination. The basic premise behind this discipline is that all objects above absolute zero (-459°F, -273°C) give off invisible infrared radiation when a suitable medium …

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